Tujadili Initiative was registered in 2018 although prior to this, a team of community volunteers versed with different expertise would from time to time come together as a weekly forum at the GreenHouse  Mtopanga Mombasa with insightful discussions and doable solutions on issues in relation to WASH, 
Poverty eradication, HIV, ASRH, Peer Pressure, Environmental Development and Protection. From time to time the team would reach out to, and serve the needy through benevolent voluntary activities which gave birth to the expanded vision of the current organization.

Tujadili Initiative is a not-for-profit that aims to be a Mentorship and Social Development Organization focusing on deep potential for social impact and community growth.  Tujadili aims to ensure a transformative change to dramatically impact areas such as community general literacy, environment and health care. In addition to these immediate potential influences,Tujadili core values are to seek deeply insightful solutions that reach the heart of social challenges, changing the very equations so that they solve themselves in a sustainable way.

TUJADILI programs surrounds the need burden on mitigating issues strangling community success.. Such would involve health diseases prevention, Mitigation of social economic impacts, environmental care and protection etc.     

Our Programs 

TUJADILI INITIATIVE programs surrounds the need burden on mitigating issues strangling community success.. Such would involve health prevention messaging etc.

Enviromental Literacy

The forest cover in Kenya is estimated at 6.6 % and falls below the internationally recommended minimum of 10%. 
The Coast region of Kenya comprises of six counties; Kilifi, Kwale, Lamu, Mombasa, Taita-Taveta and Tana-River which covers an area of about 79,968.1 kms (7,968,610 ha). 

The approximate area of land under forest cover in the Coast is 665,343.82 ha representing about 8.4% of the total land area. 

Tujadili Initiative aims at bringing more people to the awareness of the natural world in understanding and appreciating it and playing our part.
The current envirimental degradation has been brought up by a number of facts including overgrazing, land use and convesions, sand harvesing and climate change etc.

Community Engagement

Tujadili engages our community through embracing projects like 

  • ETL - Education through listening
  • FMP -  Families Matter Program
  • Read for Change
  • Stiri Dada amongst other Tujadili Community Initiatives ..

Mitigation of the Social Economic Impacts of social community burdens

During activation of our community engagement projects, some intiment beneficiary social needs were identified. Such beneficiaries dispalying such needs included single and widowed parents who were as young as 15 years when they first became unplanned parents. 
Our default and immediate option was to stretch Tujadili Initiatives Flagship sustainablity project (Poultry Farming) in order to embrace as a solution to the Intiment social needs identified. We are programing to aiding parents and guardians so as they are able to cater for their childrens educational supplies needs as well as provide a livehood for their families.